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It is possible with Minutes!

Time flies when you are having fun.

Lawyers lose time due to insufficient time accounting. Time spent on activities ‘in between’ is always under estimated, sometimes these tasks do not end up on the list with billable hours at all.

This results in a long day with less hours on the list than expected. Minutes eliminates this problem by automatically registering activities done that day. This is an easy way to gain insight into everything that was done and more importantly, all activities that should have been billed, will be billed.

Besides this lawyers lose time by lack of insight into their own activities. Without realizing, a disproportionate amount of time might be spent on small activities because of an inefficient work-process. These hours will be billed based on underestimation, resulting in a loss of valuable time. Sometimes during the day time is spent on important or less-important non-billable activities. At the moment these hours get lost, unnoticed. By giving gaining insight into activities, Minutes creates awareness. This way Minutes offers a chance to actively improve productivity and revenue will increase by keeping track of all billable activities.

Sadly time also flies with activities that aren’t fun.

Many firms are aware of the amount of hours that are unaccounted for each day. To avoid this programs, that are hard to use, are being used to try to avoid this loss. Their lawyers are working with activating and stopping multiple timers and guessing at what time and for how long, they got distracted by an e-mail. Activities might have to be specified to gain insight into what they have been doing all day, defeating the purpose of automatic time keeping. With Minutes there is no need for these programs anymore, because Minutes registers your time spent efficiently, automatically and accurately.

Minutes does really automatically account your time.

Accounting time was never this easy, efficient and flawless:

  • Minutes registers automatically what happens on a PC during the day;
  • The algorithm will determine the exact duration of activities, links them to the right case and describes the tasks;
  • Open Minutes, check and accept the data collected by Minutes. After accepting Minutes can register your time into your current time accounting program.

Minutes doesn’t require a complicated software change.

Minutes can be integrated with almost all software available for lawyers, so a complicated change to a new management system is not necessary. Minutes will give you direct insight into all your activities through the clean “Minutes interface” without having to change processes. Besides this Minutes will suggest the billable hours for that day. After integration Minutes can account these hours automatically for you in your current software with – literally – one button. Even when you are currently not using software to account time, Minutes is the right software for you. From history you can easily search through and export billable hours.

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